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Thursday, May 30
The Indiana Daily Student

TSA intercepts 6,301 firearms at security checkpoints in 2022



The Transportation Security Administration intercepted a record 6,301 firearms at airport security checkpoints between Jan. 1 and Dec. 16 of 2022. 

According to a TSA press release, the number of intercepted firearms brought by passengers to security checkpoints surpassed 2021’s previous record of 5,792 firearms. The release said 88% of the intercepted firearms were loaded.  

Of the 6,301 intercepted firearms in 2022, 89 were found at checkpoints in Indiana airports, Jessica Mayle, a regional TSA spokesperson, said in an Indiana Public Media article. Mayle said 68 firearms were intercepted at Indianapolis International Airport, 11 at South Bend International Airport and 10 at Evansville Regional Airport.  

Mayle said of the 68 guns found at Indianapolis International Airport, 64 were loaded. 

Passengers in Indiana found in violation of TSA’s firearm policy may also face local charges depending on the location of the airport, Mayle said, including fines and arrests.  

TSA does not permit passengers to transport firearms in carry-on bags at any security checkpoint, even if a passenger has a concealed weapon permit, according to the release. TSA increased the maximum civil penalty for firearms violations — which is determined based on circumstances in each case — to $14,950 per violation to reduce the threat of firearms at security checkpoints. TSA also revokes PreCheck eligibility for a minimum of five years for passengers found with firearms.  

Passengers transporting firearms must follow packing guidance in checked baggage and declare them to their airline at check-in. Individual airlines may have additional requirements for traveling with firearms and ammunition. 

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