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Monday, May 20
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COLUMN: The quintessential fall playlist for sad girl autumn


Whenever I think of fall, I think of intricate guitar patterns, apple turnovers and unravelling sweaters. Here are some songs that I think emulate the magic of this season. 

“we fell in love in october” by Girl in Red 

I start every fall playlist with this song. Fall is the second most romantic season — behind winter, of course. Girl in Red captures the feeling of being young and in love with a beautiful girl in the most authentic way possible. 

“Par 5” by Kitty Craft 

A vintage hidden gem, Kitty Craft describes their own music on Spotify as “embroidered samplers in grandma’s house, frosted cake decorations, a kitten playing with a ball of yarn,” which perfectly packages my ideal fall. It’s a testament to the early days of music sampling with a quaint touch. 

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“In The Lost And Found (Honky Bach)/The Roost” by Elliott Smith 

I rediscovered this album a few weeks ago and this song makes me feel like I’m drinking spiced cider in a honky-tonk, which is definitely the environment Smith writes about. Its familiar piano welcomes new listeners and old fans alike to the realm of lost and found. 

“Muzzle” by Superbloom 

No fall playlist is complete without grunge rock. While this song was released in 2021, I am transported into a dingy Pacific Northwest alleyway circa 1994. It’s sad and acoustic, a theme shared with many other songs on this list. 

“I Found A Reason” by The Velvet Underground 

I understand why this band is a cult classic whenever I hear this song. Its adorable lyrics make me feel loved by the band like no other song can. Simple romance is all a song needs to be amazing. 

“Red Bird Pt. 2 (Morning)” by Florist 

Although this album was released in July, it gorgeously captures the magic of a brisk fall morning. With breathy vocals and dainty guitar, it has every quality needed for a fall song. Pair this song with hot chocolate sprinkled with cinnamon and it makes for the perfect morning. 

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“Each Coming Night” by Iron & Wine 

This song is an oldie but a goodie. Iron & Wine is the only artist I need for a good fall. This playlist could just be “Our Endless Numbered Days” since it has all the necessary qualities: cute romance, breathy vocals and intricate guitar patterns. 

“ivy” by Taylor Swift 

Since its central theme revolves around being covered in ivy, it must make the list. Both “folklore” and “evermore” are incredible fall albums and “ivy” remains in my top five for both albums. 

“Anthems For A Seventeen Year-Old Girl” by Broken Social Scene 

Yes, I pulled this song from the movie “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.” It’s a great cozy movie for fall and this song is breathy yet synthy, a quality I don’t see often in music. This was one of my top songs when I was 17 years old, so it holds quite a lot of nostalgia. 

“Wait For Life” by Emile Haynie and Lana Del Rey 

I could not forget the queen of the season herself, Lana Del Rey. I don’t love much of her music, but I do like to think that this song was written after her infamous Saturday Night Live performance. Fall is a season where we wait for life to end, as the leaves fall to the ground and the chipmunks gather their food for the winter. 

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