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Sunday, April 14
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COLUMN: What to wear: How to stay fashionable this semester


Many people strive to look good. But fashion is more than just looking good it’s a way to fit in. Style can provide a community, from the patchwork jackets of punk rock to the almost-universal black Converse high tops. 

Here’s what to check out this season while not over-consuming clothing: 

Trend Evolution 

The best way to stay ahead of the curve is to understand how aesthetics evolve over time. Currently, the coquette look, filled with ruffles and pastels, is all the rage in the online sphere. This, paired with the clean girl aesthetic, embraces hyper-femininity and emphasizes the feminine mystique. However, these aesthetics are focused on dainty dresses and spotless skin, something hard to style during cold weather. 

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As we shift into the briskness of autumn, we will likely see a shift from pastel pink and cream to more earth tones, especially sage green and brown. A heavy cardigan over a delicate dress will become one of the most fashionable outfits of the season. Paired with chunky Mary Janes and smudged eyeliner, this dirtier evolution of the coquette look works with the same pieces, just with a grungier attitude.  

This new wave of kinderwhore reworks the idea of femininity, something embedded in the backlash to the elitism of the clean girl lifestyle. All coquette enjoyers have to do to repurpose their wardrobe is add a few chunky cardigans, smudge their eyeliner and embrace the darker hues of fall. 

For a more masculine look, the shift to '70s rock star is very easy to achieve. Tom Ford’s menswear at New York Fashion Week is the perfect mood board for this style. The main points to focus on are flare jeans, tailored shirts and funky belt buckles. This aesthetic perfectly pairs with a good chunky cardigan a staple in anyone’s fall wardrobe. 

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New Aesthetics 

With every season comes new styles to build off of old trends. Indie sleaze season is upon us. This fashion statement found its roots on Tumblr, allowing fashionable young people to depict life as they lived it. The key factors of improvisation and intense layering make it more than perfect for chillier climates.  

The aesthetic is pretty gender neutral, even working its way into a nonbinary fashion show during NYFW. It is harder to achieve this look sustainably since a lot of looks revolve around metallic bodysuits and faux fur jackets. That being said, eBay is crawling with good finds, allowing those new to the look to find specific pieces without the guilt of unsustainable consumption. Turn to The Cobrasnake for any fashion inspiration — the iconic party photographer has had a resurgence in popularity, perfectly capturing the revival of indie sleaze. 

Important pieces for this look include mirrored sunglasses, tattered sparkly tights, slip dresses and oversized outerwear. Artists like Sky Ferriera and Katy Perry pioneered the wardrobe in the 2010s, wearing pieces from American Apparel and Mudd jeans.  

Don’t forget to turn on your phone’s camera flash to get the perfect pictures. 

Trends aside, keep this in mind: it’s more important to be comfortable in the clothes you wear than to be fashionable. Find what works for you and wear it with confidence. 

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