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Black Voices: Director Jordan Peele is soon to release his third horror film

<p>Jordan Peele is pictured on April 10, 2018. </p>

Jordan Peele is pictured on April 10, 2018.

Director and writer Jordan Peele has made two successful movies in the past five years. His talent shown in both “Get Out” and “Us” have fans excited for a third. 

Peele began his career as a sketch comedian and is widely known for his work with Keegan-Michael Key on the show, “Key and Peele.” In 2018, he won Best Original Screenplay for “Get Out”, making him the first Black person to win an Oscar in this category. 

He has used his career and talent to create films centered around the Black community. When referring to “Get Out”, his intention is to display the odd feelings that come with being a minority. 

“I had never seen the uncomfortableness of being the only Black guy in a room played in a film,” Peele said in an article. “That notion is a perfect state for a protagonist of a horror film to be in, to question his own sanity.”

The vague nature of the trailers he releases tend to spark excitement on social platforms as well. 

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A trailer for Peele’s upcoming movie “NOPE” was aired during the 2022 Super Bowl. It features actors Keke Palmer and Daniel Kaluuya. The visuals and characters displayed left many wondering what the movie is actually about. 

A simple search for “NOPE” theories on any social media platform will turn up differing results. Fans have many interpretations of what they may see on the big screen. 

Peele has also been retweeting and sharing media which could be parallel with the plot of the movie. These clips and images consist of natural disasters as well as frightening images of the sky across the world. This appears to coincide with the popular theory that an alien invasion is at the center of the plot.

One of his own posts which sparked widespread attention was a clip from the Today Show. It shows a flock of birds plummeting to the ground in Mexico in a seemingly random and hard-to-explain way. 

Jordan Peele has been releasing and spreading this content since the release of his trailer. His entire platform is now dedicated to vague promotion for his film. 

In an interview with The Feed, he expresses his desire to direct horror movies since childhood, as well as the enjoyment he gets from scaring people. He speaks on his 2019 film “Us, starring Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke

“When we talk about monsters, and monster movies, there is a fascination with characters that are outcasts, but also the fact that they’re an outcast is connected to their power,” Peele said. “We as human beings are in a period of immense fear of the outsider, fear of the other.”

His understanding of what fear stems from in our modern world makes him a unique writer of horror. Fans will discover the true contents of “NOPE” on July 22, when it is set to release in theaters.

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