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Black Voices: Put the guns down

Put the guns down.

Read that again.

It’s time to stop the violence and senseless killings. How many more mothers, babies, brothers and fathers are we going to lose? How many more people are going to die? Being a “gangsta” is not cool.

Guns aren’t solving the problems like promised.

Guns are supposed to stop crime and be a source of protection.

But who’s protecting the students hiding from active shooters in school, the families in the ghetto desensitized to gunshots, the people who die every year from shootings on New Year?

When you see death on the news, what weapon does it usually involve?

This isn’t even just an issue in classrooms and neighborhoods. It’s everywhere from churches to abroad. It’s international at hospitals, national landmarks and embassies. People are dropping quicker than we can bury them both at home and overseas and for what? 

Drop the assault rifles, stop the gunfire.

War usually just isn’t necessary. 

Bombing and killing for what? Land, money, or power?

These things are temporary and fleeting. We don’t truly have them, no one truly owns the Earth but Mother Earth so why kill for it? 

There’s no reason to kill someone just because you don’t like them. You got into an argument? Walk away and cut them out of your life if necessary. You don’t like a country or its people? Don’t visit. 

I think at the end of the day people forget how valuable life is. Once life is gone it’s gone. What about that is unclear? 

Once the heart stops, the flatline becomes consistent, it’s final.

The death I see on the news and in the media, it’s just not worth it.

I have no false hope that one day we will all kumbaya and hold hands and it’ll be a dystopia.

But what I beg of humanity is to pay attention to history and be kinder to one another. We need to work on getting along and eradicating hate wherever it is. There’s no reason for all this death. There’s stuff on the news like Russia bombing a maternity ward, school shootings like the one in Iowa and overall homicide and murder rates going up across the US.

Please put the guns down.

Killing each other just isn’t worth it.

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