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Sunday, April 14
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IU Libraries to screen rare film, video clips at Archival Screening Night


IU Libraries will present an annual archival roadshow screening event, “Archival Screening Night Roadshow Edition (2021)”, at 7 p.m. Nov. 18 at the Fourth and Rogers Gallery. The free screening will include rare film and video excerpts from global archives.

The screening will feature 20 short films and videos and will last 103 minutes in total. Films from around the world, including Thailand, Hungary and New Zealand, will be featured. 

Rachael Stoeltje, director of the IU Libraries Moving Image Archive, said the screening shows viewers a special record of the past.

“These are unique things you’ll never see anywhere,” Stoeltje said. “There are so many fantastic, rare discoveries.”

Also: Netflix star, Peabody winner Hasan Minhaj will give keynote speech at IU Auditorium Dec. 6

This event is part of Association of Moving Image Archivists national showing. Bloomington’s screening is presented in collaboration between the IU Library Moving Image Archive, the FAR Center for Contemporary Arts and Cicada Cinema. 

Usually a members-only event, this is only the second year the organization allows public access to the screening.

Bloomington’s event will also include information on how to preserve home movies and family media. 

Food and drink will be available for sale. Registration is encouraged.

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