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Wednesday, Oct. 4
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IU student raises money for domestic violence with his film festival


An IU student organized an arts festival to raise money for the Middle Way House Saturday at the FAR Center for Contemporary Arts.

Festival organizer Nick Comer also premiered his film, “Threesomes Are More Sad Than Fun (You, Yourself, and Me),” and the movie is based on his experiences in an abusive relationship and escape. 

The film is split into three acts chronicling the protagonist’s adventure through an abusive relationship. The first act shows him falling in love, the second shows the effect of the abuse on his mental health, and the third act details the beginning of his recovery and general thoughts on his experiences.

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Multiple films were shown with Comer’s, ranging from films to non-narrative films to silent films. The center’s tight space made for an intimate atmosphere for an audience of about 50 people.

Various mediums of art were displayed at the festival, which was called “Somewhere in Between.” Musicians like Manic Pixie, DJ Maddogg and Collard Green performed. Artists set up stands to sell their products before the show, with the proceeds going to Middle Way House.

He said he hopes his film and the resources provided shed light on the problem of domestic violence. Comer said the Middle Way House gave him access to resources when he left his abusive relationship. He said he encourages anyone struggling with domestic violence to look towards the foundation for help. 

“Everybody is worthy of a life free of violence,” he said.

The Middle Way House provides supportive services for survivors of sexual abuse and sexual violence. Their services include a 24/7 help and crisis line, emergency housing, legal advice, health services and support groups, according to their website.  

The Middle Way House had representatives present at the event to join in on the conversation. Madeline Plant, director of development at Middle Way House, had resources detailing the organization’s services, like emergency houses, support groups and legal counsel. 

“I think a lot of people are going to be able to benefit from seeing his film,” Plant said. “We’re very excited that he is putting on this event in support for us.” 

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Crisis intervention specialist Vince Wise was at the event with Plant and discussed signs of intimate partner violence. and detailed the Middle Way’s House’s emergency house. Emergency houses are shelters provided by the organization for individuals who may not feel safe in their own home. 

“Most people know someone who's experienced domestic violence,” Wise said. “It’s a pretty universal experience.”

Donations were accepted for the Middle Way House at the event, but there is a link set up for people who still wish to donate. Middle Way House has also organized GivingEveryTuesday where they take donations every Tuesday for the month and set up different goals each week. The organization is also affiliated with Amazon Smiles, so it is possible to donate through them.

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