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Friday, Dec. 8
The Indiana Daily Student

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LETTER: Let’s take action and support the unhoused community


With respect to the article “OPINION: City council amendment easing homeless shelter restrictions is a good first step” written by Molly Hayes, I agree with her position that she still feels there’s room for improvement in relation to how Bloomington as a city treats our homeless population.

I remember vividly when Bloomington Police Department officers dismantled the homeless camp in Seminary Park — during a pandemic — without offering an immediate solution. Yes, restrictions are being relaxed for homeless shelters, but homeless shelters are just temporary solutions. There needs to be a call to bigger action. I completely understand that the encampments weren’t ideal because of COVID-19 and diseases being spread, but it was cold, and the homeless shelters were full with people.

In addition to more affordable housing, which Mayor John Hamilton said is already in action, we need to reach more people. Hamilton recently said that because it’s a local problem, there’s only so much we can do because of the financial component involved.

I am reaching out, in hopes to create a chain of action and reactions — I feel people don’t act unless it directly affects them, and we need to make it a statewide issue, not just a community issue.


Daykota Weston

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