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Tuesday, Dec. 5
The Indiana Daily Student

Black Voices: ‘Let’s Get this Bread,’ a poem by RJ Crawford

As I sit on the edge of this bed,  

I think to myself.

“Damn, this some bullshit.”

But, I gotta pick up my head

and get to this bread.

Winners don’t quit, 

and losers never prosper.

But imma sit here and play this game,

Til I find the imposter. 

It was me, what now?

I’m still sitting on this bed,

Durag on my head.

Damn, let me scroll through this Twitter thread.

I should probably get up soon,

if I don’t I’ll be sitting here til noon.

I can’t find the motivation,

I really can’t wait for a vacation.

Okay, I’m getting up!

I put one leg down, 

then the other. 

It’s kind of cold,

lemme get back under this cover.

I can’t keep doing this,

I got a class I can’t miss.

So imma dismiss these feelings I’m having,

and get out of this bed. 

I’m up, on both feet.

It’s still cold so let me take my sheet 

with me over to my seat. 

I’m here professor,

Mr. Depressor.

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