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Sunday, Dec. 3
The Indiana Daily Student

Black Voices: ‘Star Struck,’ a poem by Adrianne Embry

Last night I watched every single star in the sky fall

They burned audaciously with so much resilience against the ebony sky

The show ended then my eyes seared, my skin scorched as I watched the creation and destruction of magic 

I couldn’t help to think that this is what it means to be black

This fighting to exist under the grueling force of everything against you

This imploding as your ash falls on the pink of your enemies’ cracked tongues

This going out so brilliantly and bold then failing to exist at all

I keep hearing that we live in a post racial society 

They speak these words as more black blood is being trifled with by white hands 

They bathe in our blood________chins drenched in our red

They want us to die in silence

Once buried our melanin seeps back into the rich wet soil to create another black king or queen

We will not let white treachery feast its bloodshot eyes on this lineage 

The withered tongue of racism will not lick our already bleeding and throbbing wombs clean

If in the end we lose and they devour us________they will lose too

The hands that smoldered the flames in us will become engulfed then rendered to ash

The ash will fill their lungs until it embraces the stygian soot 

They will cough up all of the blood they stole from us into the russet soil

They will collapse to their knees

Their eyes falling onto the vast dark curtain for the last time

________The stars will reign again

They will die starstruck as the last thing they see will be the resilience of what they sought to destruct

Their eyes will sear

Their skin will scorch

There will be no calling for an encore

They will bow

and our bones will crack in applause

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