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Black Voices: ‘blessed(?),’ a poem by Adrianne Embry

Hush little baby don’t say a word 

You’ll die too soon, rest assured

It is said that babies don’t take their first breath until after birth in place of this they receive their oxygen from their mother

What great practice for a black child

The practicing of death before they become it

In light of this I have been trying to remix lullabies to sing to my child

Starting the talk before they even open their eyes to heighten it’s chance of survival

In doing so i have realized the thought of black motherhood is...terrifying 

But luckily I’ve found out that I’m infertile

But ain’t that a blessing though?

You know there is something about being told you can’t have children makes you want them more

How selfish and dumb to be an accomplice to your own child’s murder 

by simply birthing them

Any child that would come from this womb would be poisoned anyway

It would go from womb to casket so ain’t that a blessing

Should I not thank my womb for being a shield from a bullet

How foolish of me to want a black child anyway…

For the baby shower we would sit around and write it’s eulogy

Instead of guessing the gender we would guess the cause of death

Stray bullet

_____A cop


So ain’t this a blessing?

Why yall still look sad?? Are you not hearing me?

What seed would come from this womb if it’s not a rotten one anyway?

When the doctors told me I collapsed to the floor

I saw the faces of the children that I had hoped for fade

They ain’t smile or thank me

How ungrateful of them to not thank my womb for refusing life

I still cry over my niggas who were murdered years ago

I obviously ain’t accustomed to mourning so what makes me think I’d be ready for motherhood?

You’s fucked up because I already had their names picked out

One a junior...Adrianne Denise

_______________Andy Michelle

____________________Aiesha Skye

Should I not rejoice that these will never become headline?

Should I not say amen for this womb being a grave?

Hush little baby, can’t say a word

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