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Saturday, June 22
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Black Voices

Black Voices: Nature is my backdrop


Photography is a huge passion of mine. It is not a job or a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. Being a photographer isn’t easy or for everyone. It takes dedication to improve your skills and hone your craft. Throughout my journey as a photographer, I’ve realized that it is a big investment.

It's an investment in myself and what I love to do, and the reward is worth it. 

Photography has taught me new things about the world around me and has changed how I view things, such as nature. It has opened the floodgates of my creativity. I am a naturally creative individual and I want to share that gift with the world through my pictures.

By using many different colors, styles, models and techniques in my pictures, I like to bring out the vibrant undertones of natural light while bouncing them off of the colors the model is wearing. This technique is attractive to the eye and embraces the details in the photo.

Details are very important to a picture because it helps connect everything to match a theme for the photo shoot. 

Three factors influence how natural light interacts with a subject: time of day, camera angle and the weather, according to Cambridge in Colour. When all these factors connect in the perfect way you get my favorite time of day to take pictures: the golden hour. This period is a point in time where the sun is at its peak after rising or before it begins to set. This can occur at different times depending on the day and season. 

Most of my photos take advantage of natural backgrounds and utilize the natural light available outdoors. A natural background allows me to capture nature in its essence as it collaborates with my model. There is a more calm and relaxing tone when using natural backgrounds; nothing is robotic in a sense. 

One picture in particular that collaborates with natural light and a natural background is the photo with the all beige outfit positioned on the rocks. See how the natural light brings out the colors of her hair, skin, clothes and surroundings. The light bounces off of the colors present and makes them pop, grabbing the viewer's attention. The natural light also highlights the moisture and hydration in her skin. The brightness and vibrance of the picture connect both big and small details. 

The natural setting works with the colors the model is wearing. The trees and greenery in the background showcase a calm and relaxing atmosphere, while the rocks intertwine with the beige scheme of the clothing. The fallen leaves on the rocks compliment the colors of her hair and help bring everything together in vivid, earthy tones.  

Nature is my backdrop and I invite you to check out my work for yourself.


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