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Thursday, June 20
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Black Voices

Black Voices: Meet IU NAACP


An interracial group of individuals from different backgrounds came together in 1909 to create an initiative to improve the lives of African Americans. 

This group is the NAACP.

The group is known for its remarkable initiatives including the desegregation of schools after the case of Brown v. Board in the 1950s, aiding in the implementation of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, assisting in the organization of the March on Washington in 1963 and many more important contributions to improve the well-being of AfricanAmericans. 

Today, the NAACP has extended its efforts to provide political, legal and economic support to various different causes affecting those who are underrepresented, disenfranchised and discriminated against. 

As an organization on IU's campus, the IU chapter of the NAACP strives to uphold the proud history of the NAACP and its achievements and continues to fight for social justice of all disenfranchised groups. 

Our mission as an organization this year is to educate, embrace and empower. We hope to educate the campus on the issues affecting minority communities, embrace people of diverse backgrounds and empower them to carry out the mission of the NAACP and take action against social injustice.

We are inclusive and open to people of all backgrounds. 

While the structure of the organization will be different due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to ensure the IU community that we are nevertheless going to be active. Our mission still stands strong and we will aim to create initiatives and events that focus on voter empowerment, health, youth expansion, education and economic sustainability.

We plan to have virtual general body meetings to discuss various topics. We will engage in the upcoming election by hosting a voter empowerment week of events in collaboration with other organizations such as the Black Graduate Student Association and the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity Gamma Eta chapter, and hosting watch parties for the presidential debates. 

Being a member of NAACP allows students to network with each otherr, community members and even local and national NAACP members. 

Membership also gives students access to scholarship opportunities, leadership development and an open-minded community of peers who strive to be more socially aware and active in their communities. This year ,we are including a T-Shirt in our membership so that members can represent NAACP on and off campus. 

To get involved, students can apply for membership by reaching out to us on our social media. Members will be added to our email list.

Follow us on Instagram @naacp_iu and Twitter @NAACP_IU.


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