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Black Voices: 'Dracarys,' a poem by Adrianne Embry

<p>A screen grab from the television show “Game of Thrones” is pictured. </p>

A screen grab from the television show “Game of Thrones” is pictured.

We be dragons

How dare you say we can't blow fire in the direction of everyone

When you bother our kin it sound like you saying dracarys 

Like you telling us to burn everything down

Is that not what you mean?

When police murdered Breonna Taylor in her own home and refused to give her justice 

Was that not they way of saying dracarys?

Of burn this shit down

Yo great America is looking helluva lot like a King’s Landing

Need I remind you how that shit ended?

In fire

In the spit of my niggas

(Note: in this version no yt body owns us)

In this version we ain’t being used as tools for y’all war 

All this was built off our backs

So we decide what gets scorched

We will turn the sand on your segregated 

shores to obsidian 

We need all this ash to give birth to new bodies anyway 

Don’t you know dragons rise from ash

So as it is announced that Myles Cosgroves walks free we hear


Johnathan Mattingly walks free we still hear


Brett Hakison walks free




I say burn all this shit down and we can start anew in the morning

We are tired of asking y’all for peace 

We are tired of fucking scorching

But what else are we supposed to do when our oppressors only hear pain in fire

When they don’t sympathize with bodies, just buildings

Until there is a place where blk people will be considered safe 

Burn it all

Burn it all

Burn it all

To see what will rise from the ashes 

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