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OPINION: Nobody likes you when you’re 21


Australian singer-songwriter Stella Donnelly released the song "Die" in March of this year from her album "Beware of the Dogs." Courtesy Photo

It is my birthday. My mother referred to me as her “adult child” over Thanksgiving break. I have never been more aware of my mortality. I am one day closer to death. 

I can feel my youth slipping by. Are the best years of my life behind me? Am I destined to grow up and become a cog in the corporate machine? 

I know it’s dramatic to be worried about this now, but aging is a terrifying thing. Luckily, I have the following songs to make me feel young. 

“Young Forever” by JR JR 

“Young Forever” is a woozy power pop groove all about being young and having fun. It’s breezy and fun and really does make me feel like I could be young forever. It’s the Fountain of Youth in audio form. 

“Doctor Whomst” by Origami Angel 

The emo outfit dropped an absolute banger of an album this year with “Somewhere City.” The second single “Doctor Whomst” is a thrashing, electric song about being young and not worrying too much about life. The song shouts out Danny Phantom and Happy Meals. It’s a shining diamond on an album full of gems. 

“Josephine” by Oso Oso 

“Josephine” is a bouncy guitar rock song about the unsureness of a relationship. It’s so full of emotion, it’s hard not to find yourself wrapped up inside the song. Plus, the riff at the end goes ridiculously stupid. It’s a perfect little slice of life, a beautiful snapshot of the landscape of youth. 

“Die” by Stella Donnelly 

“Die” is a delightful lo-fi indie pop song. It’s sweet and simple and sounds like it could be in a soundtrack of any coming-of-age film. The song is upbeat and poppy. It’s an ABBA inspired banger and it plainly states exactly how I’m feeling. 

“Slumber Party” by A Great Big Pile of Leaves 

I love this song more than I love myself. The percussion is perfect. The “da da das” are perfectly placed over powerful riffs. The bridge is just the lead singer naming a bunch of different ways to jump into a pool. It’s goofy and fun and full of life. 

I may be an adult child now, but that’s okay. These songs can make me feel like a kid while the weight of the world takes a backseat.

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