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IU professor Eric Rasmusen criticizes university's responses to his controversial tweet

IU professor Eric Rasmusen released a response to the university’s handling of his controversial tweets Thursday. 

In a statement on his website, Rasmusen referred to the situation as a “Twitter kerfuffle” and said Kelley School of Business Dean Idalene Kesner and Provost Lauren Robel overreacted to his tweets.

Rasmusen said the university is promoting bias by condemning his tweet. 

“Indiana University is not discouraging bias, but encouraging it, even requiring it, as a condition of teaching,” Rasmusen said in his statement. “There are views you're not supposed to express, even outside of class, and God help the conservative student whose professor checks Facebook and Twitter before grading term papers.”

Below his statement, Rasmusen included emails he received from people offering sympathy and agreement with his views. 

Rasmusen also linked a separate response to Robel’s statement. He includes Robel’s initial statement and offers comments below her words.

Rasmusen expressed criticism of Robel’s bullet point regarding his views of women in the workplace. 

“My wife, who has degrees from the Royal College of Music and Indiana's Jacobs School of Music, taught college students at Eastern Illinois for year back around 1995,” he said in his statement. “I did not object. Nor did I object when she decided she liked being a housewife better, a very reasonable decision. If my daughter decides to become a philosophy professor, that is okay too. Academia is a vocation more compatible with motherhood than most jobs.”

Rasmusen defended his belief that black people are less qualified to attend elite universities. 

“The whole idea of affirmative action is that too few black students wouldn [sic] get in without racial preferences, so we need to lower the standard for them and accept that they will do worse academically,” he said.

Rasmusen said his use of the word ‘slut’ in a tweet about former FBI lawyer Lisa Page was justified.

“Is 'slut' a slur against women? Not at all,” Rasmusen said in his statement. “It is a slur against certain women, against a minority of women, and for them it is a justified slur, a descriptive one.”

Rasmusen said he will continue updating the webpage. 

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article misspelled Eric Rasmusen's name. The IDS regrets this error.

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