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Friday, Feb. 23
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Looking for a cheap Halloween costume in Bloomington? We're here to help.


Halloweek is finally upon us. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re partying, trick-or-treating or just sitting at home watching spooky movies — you need a costume. With the festivities quickly approaching, I’ve compiled a list of good, cheap places around Bloomington to buy Halloween costumes for you. 

  1. Party City, 2817 E. Third St.
    Party City is a classic chain Halloween store. I think we all know the characteristic scent of those plastic masks that smacks you across the face when you walk through the door. Beyond masks, Party City has a great selection of costumes: in one section, you can be Elsa, but step over one aisle and you can be Pennywise. Just be careful as costumes can get a little pricey here.
  2. Campus Costume, 322 S. College Mall Road
    Campus Costume is a good local place to find a mix of distinct and mass-produced costumes. They even offer costume rentals, so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money buying something you’ll only wear once. (And if you’re in a pinch for a formal event, they offer tuxedo rentals, too.) And in a few months if you find yourself preparing for a themed party, Campus Costume is open year-round.
  3. Vintage Wearhouse, 401 E. Fourth St.
    Vintage Wearhouse is a little shop a few blocks west of campus that sells jewelry, antiques and costumes. There’s always some type of deal going on, so you won’t break the bank over here.
  4. Goodwill, 512 S. College Mall Road
    What costume shop list would be complete without Goodwill? Although it’s not necessarily a “costume shop,” you can find a lot of good pieces to mix and match for a pretty low price. However, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll find a show-stopping costume here, so don’t yell at me if you leave empty-handed.
  5. Amazon
    Although not a physical shop, Amazon is a great place to find costumes or to put together a DIY costume. With the weekend and parties approaching, two-day Amazon Prime shipping will save your life.

I know that not everyone has the money to go out and buy a Halloween costume, so I’m gonna help you out by brainstorming some DIY get-ups.

  1. French Kiss: All you need for this costume is some black and white face paint and a beret. Draw a design on your face so you look like you belong in a '70s rock band, and put on your beret. Now you’re a French kiss. 
    Pro tip: Carry around a baguette.
  2. Cereal Killer: Another pun here, but this costume only involves an empty cereal box, a red marker and some plastic silverware. Cut holes, and draw all over the cereal box with a red marker to make it look like you "killed" the cereal. Then tape the box to your shirt, and that’s it. 
    Pro tip: Leave some plastic knives and forks sticking out of the box.
  3. A Pile of Leaves: If you’re really running behind and don’t have any money, this is the costume for you. All you have to do is carry a roll of masking tape on your way to the party, pick up some colorful leaves and slap them all over yourself. Boom. You’re a pile of leaves.
    Pro tip: Pick up leaves throughout the week so you get a variety of sizes and colors.

There you have it. There’s plenty of places around Bloomington to find some cheap and good-looking costumes. 

Stay safe this weekend, and happy haunting!

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