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IU students share their best April Fools’ pranks


IU students shared their favorite April Fools' Day pranks with the staff of the Indiana Daily Student. Alex Hardgrave Buy Photos

Junior Nicolette Eckert  

With two older brothers, Eckert is no stranger to April Fools' Day shenanigans. When she was around 12, she said her older brothers convinced her there were so many worms outside on the ground that they couldn't leave their house. The three of them ended up skipping school because they couldn't get past all the worms. Her mother even got a call from the school asking why they weren't there.

Freshman Star Chiang

Chiang’s uncle really likes caramel apples and had bought a pack of them. To mess with him, Chiang dipped an onion in caramel and put it in front of the real candy apples. Her uncle grabbed that one and took a bite of it. He was very upset.

She also once took a cupcake and instead of filling it with frosting, she filled it with something her cousin hated — mayonnaise.

Freshman Sam Berg

When he was in high school, Berg said he and a couple friends flipped all the desks in their classroom upside down.

Junior Sydni Johnston

Johnston said she put Froot Loops in the toilet and told her parents she got sick so she didn't have to go to school.

Sophomore Sam Garton

One April Fools' Day, Garton said he taped the sink sprayer so it would spray his sister when she went to turn on the water. But his mother ended up using the sink first. She was mad, and he ended up having to clean up the big mess it made.

He said he has never pulled off a successful prank.

“I always tried stuff, and it was always horrible,” Garton said.  

Junior Gavin Verslype

Verslype said he told his mom he failed an exam and let her believe it for four hours.

“She said she was upset for the rest of the day, basically,” Verslypse said.

Senior Kaylen McGrone

When she was 12, McGrone put vinegar in the water tap. It lasted 5 minutes.

Freshman Hasan Nasar

One time during high school, someone put laxatives in Nasar’s school’s water fountain.

“I don’t know how,” Nasar said.

He said he thinks a couple people drank it.

“Those couple people, they were in the bathroom for a while,” Nasar said.

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