COLUMN: Prepare for the spring fashion season with these trends


Although it may still be snowing in Bloomington, spring is here and warmer weather is slowly approaching. It’s time to put away the Canada Goose jackets and plan for styles that reflect the fresh and lively spirit of spring. I have created a personal list of six predicted trends for men entering the spring season.

Faded denim jeans

You can literally lighten up this season with a pair of faded denim jeans. With spring comes life and color. Veering away from the dark shades of fall and winter will help you stand out among a crowd of people who have not yet made the switch. These light-wash jeans are set to dominate the fashion game this spring. 

Track Jackets

When I say track jackets, I do not mean track suits. Track suits were popular in the 1980s, and they should stay in the 1980s, loose sets of warm clothing that consisted of matching sweatshirts or light jackets and pants. I do, however, enjoy the track jacket from the suit on its own. Track jackets can be comfortably worn under a sports jacket, over a basic T-shirt or even over an Oxford shirt and tie.

Knit Polos

Dressing up for class can be uncomfortable if you are going to be on campus all day. A great business casual option for daily wear is the knit polo shirt. These sporty polos have a vintage quality while also creating a modern and contemporary look for the wearer.

Windbreaker Jacket

Windbreakers, windbreakers, windbreakers. I am a huge fan of the windbreaker jacket. Not only are windbreakers great for their traditional color blocking and vintage look, but they provide excellent protection from the elements. They are durable against the wind, rain and any other unpredictable weather we’re sure to have this season.

Chino Pants

I was not always a fan of chino pants, but I have recently taken a liking to them. Chino pants are a casual pant that can also work as a business casual option. The chino pant traditionally comes in a khaki color, but now blue, red, teal and other color options are gaining traction. Chino pants come in all cuts. My personal favorite style is the slim version, but the tapered fit also works if you don’t want to go as skinny.

Duffel Bags

I have saved the absolute best for last. I am a huge fan of any kind of bag as an accessory. I own many kinds of bags but the duffel style is my favorite. Duffel bags are a great addition to an active lifestyle. 

They’re designed to carry large amounts of items, so they’re made of a fabric that can stretch when you really need to stuff the bag. Not only are duffel bags great for the long haul, but they also provide the opportunity to stand out among the crowd with endless styles and color schemes available.

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