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17-year-old's car stolen at gunpoint during drug deal

An 18-year-old Bloomington man was arrested Friday evening for allegedly being involved in the assault and armed robbery of a 17-year-old who came to buy marijuana from him. 

The 17-year-old told police he arrived Friday afternoon to a South Winslow Court house in his white Jeep Commander, Bloomington Police Department Sgt. Dana Cole said. 

Paul Mark, the 18-year-old, took him into a bedroom and told him there were a lot of people at the house ready to jump him if he didn’t hand over all the money he had on him.

The 17-year-old told police Mark went out to the Jeep, and other men he didn't know didn’t let him leave the house. Some of those people also hit him, he told police. 

He was finally able to leave, and when he went to his car, an unidentified man pointed a gun at him. Mark and the man with the gun got into the car and left, police said. 

The victim’s electronics and money were in the car. 

The police later arrested Mark at his home. He said he went out to the car to get a backpack to put the drugs in, not to steal the car. He told police he was unaware of the plot to rob the 17-year-old and said he didn’t know the people who pointed the gun and stole the car. 

Mark was arrested for robbery. Police are investigating to find the missing car and other men involved.

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