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How to deal with a flooded house


Water overflows the Jordan River on Feb. 6 in Dunn Meadow. Bloomington received flash flood warnings regarding the heavy rainfall.   Alex Deryn Buy Photos

Many Bloomington areas are flooding because of heavy rain and severe weather. Flash flood and tornado warnings were issued Thursday afternoon. 

Elkins Apartments, Jeanne Walters Real Estate and Omega Properties recommended calling maintenance if your house flooded or has water leaks. Other agencies declined to comment. 

Here’s what to do if your house flooded or has water leaks.

1. Call your realtor

The first step in dealing with a flood or leak in your home is calling your realtor or rental agency. 

Letting them know immediately can speed up the process.

2. Clear the area

Jennifer Lynch of Olympus Properties recommends taking all precautionary measures possible. 

Move your belongings away from the flooded area to avoid damage, and make for an easier clean up. 

“It’s best to move your stuff and call maintenance immediately,” Lynch said. “There’s not a lot that can be done to stop or prevent the water, but we try to mitigate the damage.”

After the water is removed from the area, remove any wet belongings such as carpets to avoid mold growth. 

3. Protect yourself

If the water that entered the house is more than a couple inches, it is important to make sure the water is not near electrical cords. It can also be useful to document water damage and take photos to share with your rental agency. 

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