Homophobic comments made on IU’s Greekrank page

Anonymous homophobic comments were posted Monday night and Tuesday morning on, a popular website for colleges’ and universities’ greek communities.

One post asked why greek houses bid gay members. Another alleged two fraternity brothers were kissing during a party. The fraternities the post mentioned were part of the Interfraternity Council.

Some commenters responded, calling the posts “outdated” and “crusty.” 

These were not Greekrank’s first problematic posts.

LGBTQ+ Culture Center director Doug Bauder said as more queer people come out, more allies also come out. He also said people who feel safe to do so should stand up against these comments.

"There’s also a cowardice with these anonymous posts," Bauder said. "I just wouldn’t waste my time with a website like that.”

IFC President Sam Wiser condemned the posts, saying IFC is committed to accepting people from different backgrounds.

"We are disgusted by these comments and stand in full with the LGBTQ members of our community," Wiser said in an email. "Additionally, we condemn those who cowardly hide behind a computer screen and spew this type of nonsense."

This story has been updated. 

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