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Saturday, April 20
The Indiana Daily Student

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Double Feature Episode 10: The Midwest in 'Monrovia, Indiana' and 'Columbus'


Welcome back to Double Feature, the Indiana Daily Student film podcast where the powers that be let us in a podcast booth to give you hot takes and maybe some lukewarm ones, too.

The Midwestern identity has been the subject of a lot of scrutiny in recent years. There was a lot of conjecture from people living on the coasts about the Midwest after the 2016 election — who lives in small towns in states like Indiana? What are their lives like? 

In this episode of Double Feature, hosts Annie Aguiar and Chris Forrester talk about two films from the last two years that attempt to answer that question, with different levels of success: "Monrovia, Indiana" and "Columbus." 

These films both offer looks into small town Indiana life as veteran documentarian Frederick Wiseman takes viewers into day-to-day scenes in "Monrovia, Indiana" and debut director Kogonada makes the audience think — and cry — about what it's like to both love and hate the place you're from.

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