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COLUMN: Jean jackets are a must-have in every wardrobe

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What clothing item is cozy, blue and worn all over? 

None other than the infamous jean jacket, which is becoming the latest clothing staple every collegiate woman needs to keep handy in her closet. 

While I know college campuses are not known for featuring the most fashionable students, there are still many students that care about how they express themselves. For many, leggings and a Kilroy's shirt are the usual attire, but for the style conscious, fashion does matter. 

So what greater way to express this love than with a jean jacket? 

Denim jackets are a true style classic no matter what. You can choose to pair it with nearly anything from your wardrobe, and the right denim jacket can complete any outfit seamlessly.

Luckily, this stylish piece is one that can fit every occasion.

If you are going for a casual day look for class, I suggest pairing it with a bright yellow summer dress. Black jeans and a fitted jean jacket are a perfect style combo for a night out on the town.

Another plus to denim jackets is that they are universally flattering. Denim jackets are appealing for every body type, skin color or age.

The jacket possibilities are plentiful in today's fashion scene. It may take some time to find a jacket that you love, but it will be worth it because of the way it will make you feel when you find the perfect one.

Maybe you will prefer certain colors more than others, but you will not be disappointed from having options. Color washes are endless for denim jackets. Light, medium and dark washes help to create many style opportunities. 

Outfit options are plentiful and it is easy to differentiate your personal look. You can use your fashion instincts to make the look your own by accessorizing the jacket or pairing it with your favorite shoes.

Along with the different washes, denim jackets come in many styles. They are offered with different lengths, and you can play with texture and the latest distressed kind. Some feature screen printing and embroidery as well. Make all your denim jacket dreams come true with the plethora of options offered.

I strongly believe every individual, no matter the gender, should sport the denim trend due to its classy appeal. Life feels better when your clothes make you feel put together. A denim jacket will help to create this feeling.

In the modern society fashion has grown to be tight, short and frankly, uncomfortable. With a denim jacket, someone is able to show off their personal style, while still maintaining comfort

Denim jackets are a durable staple that is irreplaceable in any wardrobe. They will not get torn up easily and with proper care, one could last for years. These jackets will keep you warm in most weather without being overbearing. They can be worn in nearly every situation. 

Rain or shine, denim jackets are the ultimate go-to fashion item.

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