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COLUMN: College to career fashion

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Therecomes a time when every college student must transition their wardrobe from student to young professional. This does not have to be a bad thing. Who doesn’t love an excuse to go shopping?

After four years of college it feels like you finally discovered your personal sense of fashion. With graduation, you are suddenly forced to start all over again, this time in the real world. 

Due to all of the excitement of graduation, your wardrobe choices can easily be overlooked, until companies start calling for job interviews and internships, then realize you have hardly anything to wear. Lucky for you, I have discovered how to make this transition happen more seamlessly.

Fashion on campus differentiates from person to person. For some IU students, campus style was filled with rocking their favorite frat T-shirts, for others it may have been sporting local finds from Goodwill. No matter what your college look embodies, post-college is time to kick it up a notch. Gone are the days of throwing on random IU spirit wear and rushing to class, but if you are lucky you might land a job that allows jeans on Fridays. 

Throw out your large collection of Kilroy’s T-shirts or maybe make them into a memorable blanket, because those bad boys will not be used if you want to impress any employer. 

In the competitive work force, first impressions are everything. Outside of work you should try to look presentable at all times, because you never know when a networking opportunity could come your way.

The usual business attire is business casual. If you want to keep on sporting jeans rid yourself of the unprofessional hole kind, instead buy some nice dark washes that will go with any simple dress shirt. This combination is the perfect go to outfit for running errands.

Leggings are great for coziness in class but will not cut it at many work environments.  Replace that comfort with a nice pair of trousers, or maybe a pencil skirt if you're feeling sharp. This is the office attire. Now is the time to dress to impress, and there is no greater place to show off a good sense of style than the office itself.

If business casual bores you try adding some accessories to spice your outfit up. Try a bright-colored belt at the waist. Wrap a fun scarf around your neck. Flats and heels can be anything but boring if you want them to be. Pick out styles that have trendy details such as buckles or sequins to truly stand out. 

Jewelry is another way to completely turn a look around. Go for bright studs or pearls that will showcase a classy appeal.

College graduation does not mean you must give up your personal sense of style – your identity in fashion is just beginning and you are officially ready for an adult makeover. Now is the chance to show off the young professional you wish to be while having fun with a new appearance. 

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