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Weekly Takes: Finals week thoughts from our Editorial Board

Miranda Garbaciak: If your roommate is bringing a romantic partner over, you should probably go to bed early to avoid hearing awkward sounds. 

Neeta Patwari: Nostalgia is odd. I feel sad about things I never liked to begin with.  

Maddy Klein: Make sure the people you love know how you feel.

Emma Getz: More students should go see IU theater and dance shows. 

Josh Hoffer: As you traipse about in the forest this summer, remember any past immunity to poison ivy isn't permanent and can actually increase your sensitivity to the plant's rash-causing urushiol oil.  

Anne Anderson: The people condemning Kanye's recklessness are the same people who vote for candidates who do not care about black people.  

Ethan Smith: Studying should take place in a relaxing environment with a couple candles and some tea. 

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