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IDS staff talks about their favorite vines

It's been more than a year since we lost Vine. Now, as the Indiana Daily Student rolls out a series of Vine-themed stories, some of our staff members want to share their own favorite Vines.

Caroline Anders — Police beat reporter

Can he read number 23 for the class? No. He cannot.

He’s Jared, he’s 19, and — get this — he never learned how to read.

The most compelling thing about Jared is the way he introduces himself. Instead of just jumping into names, he greets you first. “What up,” he says.

Madelyn Powers — Designer and illustrator

My favorite Vine is the one of the guy in New York with the rubber chicken going, “Love yourself,” because it’s just so wholesome and cute, but it can make me laugh for hours. I love it.

Annie Aguiar — Design chief

I believe it's an important Vine for the culture, as much humor is dad-adjacent, but less is father-celebratory. We boogie woogie for this one father, yes, but in doing so, we boogie woogie for all good dads everywhere.

Clark Gudas — Arts editor

My sleep is sound and my dreams are peaceful knowing the Sand Guardian stands sentry against the untold horrors laying dormant beneath the waves.

Emily Eckelbarger — Multimedia editor

Semi is a visionary. An auteur. A sophisticate. I could write a treatise on these six seconds of artistry. There’s the slow pan upward, the folly of the missed basketball shot and Semi’s aura of benevolent wisdom as he lays bare the pliability of language. This is Vine made postmodern.

Lydia Gerike — Investigations editor

You can’t not like this Vine. The shaky, excited camera zoom? The spot-on pronunciation of the sign? The Viner laughing at the joke in the middle of telling it? All perfect.

Compiled by Clark Gudas and Christine Fernando

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