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COLUMN: Avocado juice is the beverage you never knew you needed


Avocado juice is a delicious way to drink an avocado-based smoothie that incorporates dates, almonds or lemon. Food columnist Rachel Rosenstock first encountered the drink while traveling to Morocco.  Rachel Rosenstock Buy Photos

As a parting gift this semester, I present the only recipe you will ever need for the rest of your life. In all seriousness, I present to you: avocado juice. 

I know this sounds really weird and even a little gross, but think of it like an avocado-based smoothie. I was also confused by the name, until I drank this delectable green nectar and was changed forever. I first encountered the wildly delicious avocado juice phenomenon in Morocco last semester during my study abroad trip. 

There are countless variations of ingredients added into avocado juice, and I was delighted to try many of them during my trip. Most juices begin with the base of avocado, of course, and a type of milk, but can also feature add-ins such as dates, almonds or lemon. The sky is really the limit when it comes to avocado juice combinations, and I encourage anyone making it for the first time to experiment.

After returning from the trip, my friends and I immediately went into a deep mourning over the loss of our daily and cheap avocado juice. Unwilling to be without our magically creamy drink for the foreseeable future, we headed to the store for supplies. Many modifications and taste tests later, we found a few reliable ingredient combinations that churn out a satisfying juice every time.

First, I would recommend two to three avocados, depending on size, for a single serving. Then, pick your milk-base of choice. I prefer almond milk, but most will work. To add an element of sweetness, use honey or agave. Those will also serve to bind the mixture together a little bit. Finally, add a high quality, thick yogurt. My personal favorite is Noosa vanilla bean for the added flavor.

Measurements for the milk, honey and yogurt will depend on your personal preference of either a thick or runny juice. I’ve found that using about ¼ cup milk, ¼ cup yogurt and two to three tablespoons of sweetener usually does the trick for a consistency between thick and thin.

From there, you can go crazy. I don’t think I’ve encountered anything yet that detracts from the splendor of avocado juice. A few more suggestions for add-ins: fresh or frozen strawberries, spinach, if you want to be even healthier I guess, and cucumber to make the beverage even more refreshing. Adding ice to your concoction is also a lovely touch, especially for summer months (but we're currently in the dead of winter so hold off on this). 

Take my advice, and let avocado juice into your life. 

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