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LaCroix: Bloomington obsession or worldwide phenomenon?


LaCroix recently added the key lime flavor to its line-up of carbonated waters. The LaCroix website lists over 20 flavors, including pamplemousse and mango. Emily Eckelbarger Buy Photos

As LaCroix sparkling water soda is gaining popularity among the Bloomington community and beyond, LaCroix water blessed us with Key Lime, a new flavor better than any of its predecessors.

From 2015 to 2016, LaCroix had a 72.7 percent growth rate, according to the National Beverage Corp. 2017 annual report, which is 4.5 percent higher than the competition's increases. 

Here are quick reviews of the flavors we've come to know and love.

Key Lime

Just like this autumn has brought us summer-like temperatures, LaCroix sparkling water has brought us a taste of summer with its new key lime flavor. 

You may be wondering, “How could this be different from the ever-so-popular lime flavor?” 

As I danced around the newsroom to spread the news of the great new key lime flavor, I was bombarded with questions of how it tastes. I was caught off guard as I was not sure what to compare it to. Then my taste buds had a quick flashback to the era of the lime-flavored Skittle.

That was it. 

LaCroix had harvested the flavor of the beloved and no-longer-existent lime Skittle into a crisp and refreshing beverage.


That’s right, the mango flavor does exist. I know you forgot, but that is why we refer to mango as the often forgotten stepchild of the LaCroix family. 

If a tropical refreshment is what you desire, then a can of mango LaCroix is what you need. Mango provides a beautifully tangy taste that is guaranteed to please your palate.


The flavor that took my croixginity. While on a road trip home from the 2017 Women’s March on Washington, I was given the opportunity to try my first sparkling water soda. 

Thankfully, it was a can of LaCroix and not one of those awful knock-offs in green plastic bottles. 

As we all know, berry is not the star child of the LaCroix family, but it sure makes us appreciate the key players such as lime or pomplamoose. 


As I began drinking LaCroix, I was always warned to stay far away from the coconut flavor. “It smells and tastes like sunscreen” is something I often heard. 

I was strolling through Costco with my mother when I stumbled upon a cheap LaCroix variety pack which contained passionfruit, mango and coconut. Knowing I liked passionfruit and mango, I told myself I could endure six cans of sunscreen-flavored soda. 

On a warm Monday afternoon, I opened the fridge to look for a cold one to crack because, after all, Mondays are for the Croix’s. I was quickly struck with panic as the only flavor I had left was … coconut.

After I took a sip, I was surprised. Coconut isn’t my first choice, but if that’s all that is around, I’ll drink one.


The LaCroix that we all trust. 

A true classic. Pamplemousse, or as we English speakers like to call it, grapefruit, is a flavor everyone loves. Though no one likes to eat the actual fruit, we all have come to enjoy the flavor that pamplemousse provides. 

I vividly remember sitting in the Soma coffee shop on 10th Street working on homework when I finished my coffee and realized it sold cold cans of LaCroix. I had the option of trying a new flavor without the obligation of a full case.

Now that we have given you a look into our favorites, tell us yours on social media by using #IDSLaCroix.

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