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It's time to get LaCroixzy


LaCroix boasts more 20 flavors of its carbonated water. The company started in La Crosse, Wisconsin, around 1981. Emily Eckelbarger Buy Photos

LaCroix blessed us with a new flavor so we returned the favor: reviews, video, comparison and more.

LaCroix: Bloomington obsession or worldwide phenomenon?

LaCroix recently added the key lime flavor to its line-up of carbonated waters. The LaCroix website lists over 20 flavors, including pamplemousse and mango. Emily Eckelbarger Buy Photos

With a new flavor now on shelves the IDS decided to review the newest member of the LaCroix family as well as some of our familiar favorites. Read more here.

Media School Dean Shanahan tastes LaCroix

A Croixparison: how do other brands stack up the taste of the original?

LaCroix may be the most popular sparkling water in the United States, but it has stiff competition.  Sarah Verschoor Buy Photos

With many imposter LaCroixs on the market news editor Sarah Verschoor compares the knock-offs to the original. Read more here.

Person-on-the-street: Pronounce LaCroix

The Croix of the Matter: the Agony and Anguish of LaCroix Sparkling Water

It may be the bestselling carbonated water in the United States, but not everyone is so keen on the mild fruity flavors of LaCroix. Sarah Lally Buy Photos

LaCroix rises above other sparkling waters all as the most particularly despicable. Its distinctive design is deceptively appealing, but the drink itself — oh, a horror. Satan keeps a LaCroix in the cupholder of his throne. Read more here.

Music for drinking LaCroix

 Here is a playlist of songs to enjoy while sipping on your favorite sparkling beverage.

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