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COLUMN: Kinsey Confidential answers a question about eating ejaculate

If I like to eat my own cum, does that mean I am gay?

Liking how your ejaculate tastes does not mean anything about your sexual orientation. It just means that you like tasting your own ejaculate. 

Although there are no reliable scientific data that tell us how common or rare it is for men to enjoy tasting their own ejaculate, I can confirm that this is something I have heard from men of all sexual orientations. Some men masturbate and then taste or swallow their own ejaculate afterwards. This has been shown in porn many times and is also sometimes a feature of erotic stories.

Many females of various sexual orientations also enjoy tasting their own vaginal fluids. In fact, people of all genders sometimes enjoy the taste of their own genital fluids when they kiss a partner who has just performed oral sex on them. And of course, other people don’t like to taste their own fluids and may avoid kissing their partner after oral sex. People vary and that’s an interesting part of human sexuality. 

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