Gather begins pendulum making classes


Gather handmade shoppe & co is hosting a class based on creation of pendulum on Wednesday evening. Genna Weisheit is designing her pendulum using the stone that she has chose in the earlier process. Adelina Jusuf and Adelina Jusuf

Three women gathered Wednesday night at Gather :homemade shoppe & Co., a local retail gift shop in Fountain Square Mall, for the first Copper Electroformed Pendulum jewelry making class.

The event was taught by jewelry designer and certified crystal healer Jessica Ann Miller, who guided participants in choosing a gemstone and creating their own 

Miller began designing jewelry four years ago when she created her jewelry business Wood Merkaba and began teaching classes when friends started asking her how she created her pieces. She now leads events at Gather once or twice a month.

Miller creates her jewelry through a process known as electroforming — a form of modern alchemy that creates a copper coating over stones through electrodeposition. Jewelry pieces are placed in a bath of copper sulfate liquid with electricity running through it. Through an attraction of particles, the copper then grows over the gemstone creating a metal plating effect.

Electroforming is Miller’s outlet for creating. She uses pendulums and crystals frequently in her practice of alternative medicine, as a healing modality in working with the human electromagnetic field, or auras.

“The pendulum is a tool that I use, and a lot of other people use, as a healing modality,” Miller said.

According to Miller, crystals help balance personal energies or chakras.

“In general, crystals are the purest form of color vibration,” she said. “So they can hold the vibration of that chakra better than any other material there is.”

Miller wears a fluorite stone, known for its absorption of negative energies, in a necklace she designed that she uses as her personal 

“The green fluorite also connects to the heart so it has that kind of love energy, but it helps me just have a clearer thought process,” she said.

Pendulums are typically held in the dominant hand, between index and thumb fingers hanging free. The process begins by ‘cleaning it,’ wringing out the chain of old energy.

By Miller’s instruction they asked the pendulum to show them what ‘yes’ and ‘no’ means by asking it questions out loud or mentally. The more specific the question, the more evident the pendulum’s answer.

After the demonstration, the women used pendulums to choose a stone that calls to them.

Miller will be hosting another pendulum class at 6:30 p.m. on March 11 at Gather.

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