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The last to speak to Hannah Wilson testify in trial

Mugshot of Daniel E. Messell, 49, of Bloomington, charged with the murder of 22-year-old Hannah Wilson.
Mugshot of Daniel E. Messell, 49, of Bloomington, charged with the murder of 22-year-old Hannah Wilson.

Two screens on either side of the courtroom displayed surviellence footage outside of Kilroy’s Sports Bar and Grill the night Hannah Wilson went missing.

Hannah’s mother, Robin Wilson, leaned back and forth to try to see the screen behind the prosecutor but eventually gave up.

She turned to the television behind her to try to catch a glimpse of her daughter on her last night entering a cab outside the bar.

Wes Yeatmen, the cab driver with E2 Taxi, testified Wednesday that Hannah was put into the taxi by two friends who handed him $20 to take her fewer than two blocks down Eighth Street on Wednesday during the second day of trial.

He said Hannah had wanted to stay out with her friends and begged her bearded friend who paid for the cab to ride with her.

She was intoxicated and unable to give her address to Yeatmen, but he said she was able to walk by herself and the last he saw she was walking between cars headed north on Eighth Street.

Two others who were also among the last to see Hannah alive testified in court Tuesday.

First, was Colt Burnette who received the last communication from Hannah when she called him at 1:02 a.m. April 24, 2015.

He was at a show at the Bluebird Nightclub and couldn’t hear her so he hung up and sent her a text message about four minutes later to which she never responded.

It wasn’t until 9 p.m. the next night while pre-gaming for another night of partying that Burnette heard the news that Hannah had been murdered.

Defense attorney Dorie Maryan asked about how Burnette was interviewed by police, which turned out to be in the passenger seat of a police car in Ivy Tech’s parking lot. Burnette testified he was never told he was a suspect in the case.

After Burnette, the state called Matt Molewyck to the stand to testify. Molewyck said he and Hannah were close friends, that she was nice, caring, loving and closer to him than 99 percent of the people in his life.

Molewyck was working as a DJ at both Kilroy's on Kirkwood and Dunnkirk the night Hannah went missing. Though he didn’t see her in person that night he did see a Snapchat of her with his friend Alex Wojno.

This compelled him to send her a text that said, “I’m disappointed in you,” at 1:30 a.m. because he knew Wojno had disrespected her in the past and didn’t approve of her giving him any of her time.

He continued to work until the bar closed and never heard from Hannah again. 

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