Angles Cafe & Gift Shop defined by multiculturalism


Marthe MacLeish, director of undergraduate studies of studio art department, orders coffee Friday Morning at the Eskenazi Museum of Art, Angles Cafe Gift Shop. MacLeish said she love to meet faculties and have holiday shopping in Angles. Yulin Yu and Yulin Yu

Angles Cafe and Gift Shop, a multicultural art store, is a magnet for 

A colorful impressionistic three-dimensional painting, a relaxed peaceful cafe and a multi-culture shopping mall with goods ranging from Monet umbrellas to ties designed as city blueprints — the shop provides an artistic experience to visitors through vision, hearing and taste in a single 
shopping trip.

This shop was constructed on the second floor in the Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art in 2005.

Murat Candiler, the store manager and buyer for Angles Cafe and Gift Shop, is originally from Turkey and has experienced multiculturalism during his traveling of more than 400 cities. At the beginning of his time with the store there was nothing in it, he said.

“(Angles Cafe) is my little baby,” Candiler said. “I want to make this place suitable for an art museum at an international level, because, you know, our (Eskenazi Museum of Art) collection is really diverse.”

Candiler‘s “little baby” has grown up. Visitors today can experience high quality multicultural art products modeled after famous works.

Similar to the other museum stores, products, which relate to the permanent exhibitions, are the main part of the store.

Visitors can experience the combination of art and daily life, including Japanese ink painting patterned-art scarves, Monet water Lilies umbrellas and Jackson Pollock Coffee Mugs.

Special hand-made folk art, which is related to the museum’s special exhibitions, can also be purchased from Angles Cafe and Gift Shop. During the exhibition of Kenyan art, customers can purchase hand-made sculptures and toys which are made in Kenya. For example, they have hand-size tambourines with different animals headshots, like an elephant, a giraffe and a bear.

Another focal point in Angles Cafe and Gift Shop has been the artistic tea in the cafe.

Visitors can experience about 20 varieties of tea from a brand name Tea Forte, which was founded by a designer from Modern Museum of Art, and a famous French tea brand, La Palais Deothes.

The multiple flavors include Roobos with vanilla, Japanese cherry blossom green tea, white ambrosia and more.

These high quality whole leaves are parked in a nice triangular pyramid, which has the same shape as the museum.

Catalogues and paper prints for the incoming exhibition about Vik Muniz will be available soon, 
Candiler said.

“We like visitors to stop by during their gallery visit to relax to have cup of coffee or tea,” Candiler said.

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