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Tuesday, June 25
The Indiana Daily Student

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EDITORIAL: Moose on the Loose

It’s a sad day when a student can’t get his or her fix of Chocolate Moose.

And it might be a sad semester for many of us now that the building will be temporarily closed.

The Chocolate Moose will be closed and rebuilt into a four-story building, the Indiana Daily Student reported.

The Editorial Board is saddened by this news, but we hope the new restaurant will be better equipped to give students their ice cream.

We believe the temporary closing will cause panic and stress for students.

No Chocolate Moose means students may struggle with finding ice cream and milkshakes when they need them.

The Moose has always been a safe place for students who are ridden with stress or who are avoiding a big paper. A single scoop could drown any sorrow.

Though the Bloomington Historical Preservation Commission voted not to make the restaurant a historical landmark, we can’t deny the culture and joy it has brought to everyone in Bloomington.

And, for that reason, it’s difficult for us to lose the Moose.

We, the Editorial Board, would like to believe the Chocolate Moose should be considered a historical landmark for the purpose of preserving it where it is, but knowing that the restaurant will be turned into a better venue gives us hope for the future.

We can take solace in memorializing the little brown shack as a historical landmark in our hearts, where no one can tear it down.

Many students who would normally visit the Chocolate Moose will have to find other places to indulge in desserts.

As undergraduates with routine places to eat and enjoy ourselves, we tend to go to the same places over and over again.

If any of us are used to eating at the Chocolate Moose, we shouldn’t let the restaurant’s relocation hinder our abilities to perform well in school.

We must overcome this struggle to find the perfect ice cream that we enjoy.

But we can do it together.

It is important for us to stay united in this trying time and to extend our hands to our neighbors, as if to say, “Hey, I miss the Moose, too.”

The moving of the Chocolate Moose can let us find other ways to enjoy ourselves in our spare time.

When life gives you lemons, you make ice cream. Or lemonade.

On that glorious day when the Chocolate Moose reopens, we hope students will not begrudge them their physical changes, for the heart of the establishment — the ice cream — will remain the same.

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