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Tuesday, Nov. 28
The Indiana Daily Student

opinion letters

LETTER: Ball at the Hall - Lack of coverage

I am dismayed and perplexed at the lack of interest you have given to the incredible philanthropy event Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity had Feb. 24, Ball at the Hall.

For the last few months, you have reported on the negative developments concerning Sigma Alpha Mu. In fact, your staff contacted the leadership of SAM directly and they complied, providing your writers with formal statements.

Yet over the last eight weeks, the SAM leadership reached out to various IDS staff members requesting the opportunity to talk about something positive, Ball at the Hall, and not once was a return phone call ever made.

Why was Ball at the Hall not worth your attention? Does a community event not seem appealing to the IDS? Was there not enough student participation? Did the Bloomington Police and Fire Department exhibition game not seem noteworthy enough?

The Chicago Tribune, ESPN, ABC, CBS and Fox News, not to mention dozens of other media outlets, sure thought so.

Within 48 hours after the event, more than 75,000 people had viewed the video in which an IU student won free tuition. Not only is this student’s life possibly changed forever, but lost in your lack of coverage was the almost $40,000 Sigma Alpha Mu raised in just eight short weeks for the Lauri S. Bauer Foundation for Sudden Loss 

This money will undoubtedly change the lives of countless individuals, and families as well, who have suffered a sudden loss and are in need of assistance to reclaim their lives.

National news outlets have requested to air this video for the world to see, yet the Indiana student newspaper, which should be the mouthpiece and advocate of its fellow students, was nowhere to be found.

Why is your staff committed to following up on negative developments concerning Sigma Alpha Mu, while refusing to cover an incredibly positive story?

Is the entire Greek community at IU asking too much when they request positive press?

Sigma Alpha Mu has committed itself to excellence while improving each and every day — it would be nice to see your publication do the same.


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