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Monday, May 20
The Indiana Daily Student

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EDITORIAL: 10 tips to get oriented

Advice to incoming Hoosiers from the students of IDS Opinion

Three things are certain in the life of an IU Hoosier: death, taxes and orientation. The tours, ice-breakers and class registrations are in full swing. If only there were a batch of seasoned IU students of different class standings, experiences and opinions to share some orientation tips.

That’s where the Editorial Board comes in. Below we have some candid advice for how to make the most of your orientation visit and provide some dos and oh God, please don’ts.

1. Housing you in the Union Street Center is First Year Experience’s way of providing comfortable accommodations for your stay. Freshmen cannot live in Union Street. Residential Programs and Services is just tantalizing you so that you shell out money to live there later. Just brace yourself for possibly roughing it when you move onto campus.

2. Go to the social in the courtyard. At least give it a try. It’s a chance to meet people who could become your lifelong friends. Plus, there are free breadsticks.

3. Don’t put on an act during the ‘getting to know you’ activities unless your plan is to be someone you’re not for your undergraduate career.

4. Studying before classes even start may seem odd, but you really shouldn’t cram for your advisement appointment and class registration. Every day for the class advisors is a long list of incoming students to meet. They can’t give you the individual attention you or they would like.

Look up the bulletins posted online for major requirements and prerequisites. Investigate what classes to take and when to take them. Location is so important, too. Don’t neglect the fact that you can’t span the campus in under 15 minutes. Make the registration process less painful by being prepared.

5. Also, be prepared to tell your legal guardian they aren’t allowed with you for your advisement meeting or class registration. There are no exceptions.

6. You are walking around campus in the warmest, most humid season in Indiana. Dress accordingly. Your footwear is no exception. Leave the flip-flops at home. This is Indiana — yeah, we do a lot of walking.

7. Also regarding that Indiana summer business. The climate will have an effect on your student ID photo. You get your ID after huffing and puffing in the sun. You will look a shiny, hot mess. It’s going to be okay. It’s a traumatic experience that helps bring Hoosiers together.

8. Just about all of you will have recently finishing high school in common. Don’t be that person bragging about their class rank or how many pre-existing credits you have. And your high school GPA? That means virtually nothing now. No one is going to make you emperor of the orientation squad because you’re “technically a sophomore.”

9. Pay attention to what’s going on — there’s a lot to take in, but you should at least try — and don’t be afraid to ask questions, even if it means waiting to ask it one-on-one later.

10. While this might be your first time staying overnight at a university, don’t think it’s an excuse to have illegal fun. If you’re going to disrespect the FYE staff’s clear and simple expectations about drugs, alcohol and so on, they aren’t going to feel bad about sending your sorry ass packing —even if you haven’t registered for classes or don’t have a student ID yet. They don’t kid around.

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