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Sunday, May 19
The Indiana Daily Student


The dating game must change

Popular culture is ?obsessed with dating and ?relationships.

Smartphone and online dating applications, the ever-present hookup culture and increasing complications of commitment in a global employment network are constant variables in the personal lives of young professionals and university?students.

As a result of this technological overload, today’s dating scene seems to have become a game of who can care and contribute the least.

When it comes to actually confronting potential feelings we might have for another person, most of us cannot face our fears and will bow out when push comes to shove.

There is a possibility we might show a bit of vulnerability to someone.

However, as soon as they attempt to reciprocate, we act as though we never meant anything by our actions. Thus, we insinuate they are the ones that should feel embarrassed and shut down.

It’s time for our generation to be mature about our feelings and to stop hiding behind pathetic excuses or pointing fingers in the other direction.

The endless cycle of vague answers and misleading hints should have been gladly abandoned in the teenage years.

Often, it seems people like to maintain multiple possible options and lead each one to believe they could potentially share something ?important.

But, as soon as one of these misguided souls tries to make a move that even ?slightly resembles commitment, the other acts as if it had simply been a casual ?interest all along.

It’s logically caused by a variety of issues.

We feel too young and ?immature to commit to ?someone. We want to see what else is out there.

And, of course, we are ?concerned about our careers and futures. This is a logical concern for all college students who don’t know what the future has in store.

However, this may be the root of the problem. Good relationships aren’t founded entirely upon logic but also with a bit of trust and a veritable leap of faith.

We just have to become willing enough to take that leap.

Amidst all of our ambitions and career competitions, perhaps it’s difficult for us to shift gears and actually let our guard down.

For most of us, our work does not allow us to expose our true personalities and emotions. If we come to let these roles define us, then we also risk losing touch with our ability to show others our true selves.

If we have developed feelings for someone, it’s time to stop playing the victim. There’s only so long we can fool ourselves. Continuing these shallow connections predisposes us to attract other ?emotion-phobic interests.

I believe our generation is more than capable of ?forming genuine and ?dynamic relationships. In fact, our passion for living life to the fullest could form the basis for an ?incredible connection.

If we could ?actually let it happen, that is.

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