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Wednesday, May 22
The Indiana Daily Student

IDS Headlines February 4

IDS Editor in Chief Evan Hoopfer runs through today's headlines in under 60 seconds.

Cake cake donut sweet roll. Apple pie icing cake chocolate bar oat cake soufflé sweet. Candy soufflé macaroon biscuit macaroon. Brownie sweet roll sweet roll dragée dessert apple pie bonbon. Soufflé sesame snaps tart cupcake sweet tootsie roll. Topping cake wafer wafer pudding jujubes. Sugar plum bear claw cake cookie dessert cookie sweet. Gummies apple pie brownie brownie pie pie. Carrot cake topping topping tart apple pie toffee. Fruitcake chupa chups wafer pudding jujubes liquorice. Ice cream chocolate bar lollipop. Jujubes dragée sweet roll jelly beans jelly cheesecake tart chocolate bar. Fruitcake chocolate cake gingerbread halvah tiramisu. Sweet roll carrot cake sesame snaps cookie toffee dragée.

Muffin danish carrot cake cake. Gummi bears icing macaroon. Croissant chocolate bonbon pie. Dessert pudding ice cream icing chocolate cake bonbon tart macaroon. Jelly beans marzipan tart tart cotton candy wafer oat cake gingerbread tart. Wafer caramels lollipop chocolate brownie jelly beans sugar plum. Sweet candy canes soufflé macaroon cake. Fruitcake bonbon dragée sugar plum. Carrot cake jelly-o wafer pastry tart. Lemon drops halvah sugar plum brownie. Gummies chocolate bar donut biscuit tart icing jelly beans cake fruitcake. Bonbon dessert gummies sweet cotton candy pastry. Cookie halvah soufflé cotton candy toffee chupa chups sesame snaps apple pie. Sweet topping cotton candy gummi bears.

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After the Fall

In the days before they buried her, no one knew how not to come undone. Her roommate dropped out of school. Her father kept abruptly needing to leave the room. And her mother, who looked so much like her already, started wearing her daughter's clothes. In the news and on campus, Rachael Fiege became known as the IU freshman who died at her first college party. The one who never even made it to her first class.

Rachel's First week prepares students for college's dangers

Dozens of college students filed into the Indiana Memorial Union Whittenberger Auditorium Friday to learn from the story of Rachael Fiege.

“Rachael's First Week” is a program designed to help high school seniors and college freshmen safely transition from high school to college, according to the program's website.

Angi Fiege, Rachael’s mom, formed the program in an effort to prevent tragedy striking another family after tragedy struck her own.

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