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Sunday, April 14
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Woman arrested for heroin possession

Bloomington police arrested a 22-year-old woman for possession of $200 worth of heroin on the city’s North side Monday.

Shelby Lynne Murello’s roommate, concerned for Murello’s well-being, contacted the Bloomington Police Department because she thought Murello was using drugs in the house, BPD Lt. Steve Kellams said.

When officers arrived at the house on the 1400-bloack of North Woodburn Ave., Murello told police she had used heroin in the past on a daily basis at some points but that she had been sober for three months, according to court documents. After police spoke with the roommate, they determined Murello lied about her drug use.

Murello gave police permission to search her room. Police found several needles and caps in a drawer.

Later Murello told police she had hidden items in the garage and gave police permission to search the garage. Police found a wooden box with several needles, a spoon burned on the bottom and a little case with what looked like a piece of gravel, according to court documents.

She told police she paid $200 for the heroin Sunday in Indianapolis, but she had only used it once because it was not as potent as heroin she had used in the past.
Murello was booked into the Monroe County Jail for possession of a narcotic drug, a class D felony, with bond set at $2,000 surety and $500 cash. Her initial hearing was scheduled for 1:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Fifth Circuit Court.

Dennis Barbosa

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