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Comic O'Connor to record live show at Comedy Attic

Los Angeles based comedian Sean O’Connor will perform live at the Comedy Attic this week.

He was listed in the New York Post’s “New York’s Top 20 Comic to Watch”.
The Attic will record his stand-up performance, which will later debut as an album for Comedy Central.

He will perform at 8 p.m. today through Saturday, as well as a second show at 10:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. Tickets are $12.

Before the show, the IDS had the chance to speak with O’Connor about his experience as a comedian.

IDS: What has been your favorite part about your career thus far?

O’Connor: My favorite part of my career so far has been seeing things I’ve created end up on television, which hasn’t gotten old for me yet. I also loved working for my hero, Norm MacDonald.

I’m very connected to writing. I enjoy having control at the beginning because if you write it tight enough, it won’t get one hundred percent screwed up at the end.

I also recently directed a music band for my friend’s band Upset, and that was a fun experience because I grew up watching music videos and always wanted to do that. Plus, I got to film skateboarding.

IDS: What inspired you to work in comedy?
O’Connor: The movie Scream, Saturday Night Live, Jackass and Comedy Central Presents being in constant rotation when I was younger.

IDS: Share one memorable comedic moment from the past few years.

O’Connor: Getting to meet Ke$ha because I told a joke about her on Comedy Central. It was a dream come true.

IDS: You’ve appeared on Conan several times. What was that like?

O’Connor: Incredible. Conan is a great idol of mine and I sat in silence when he talked to me because I didn’t want him to find me unfunny in conversation. Also, you get popcorn. And also, kids from your high school like you more.

IDS: Do you have any additional projects coming up besides the Comedy Central Special?

O’Connor: Season 2 of Axe Cop on Fox ADHD. And season 1 of Stone Quackers also on Fox ADHD.

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