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Monday, Dec. 11
The Indiana Daily Student

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Column: Women's soccer should see continued success

For those of you who still aren’t sure about whether the IU women’s soccer team is for real, you must have been hiding under a rock for the last couple months.

The Hoosiers (10-2-1) are not only good, but very good.

Key aspects of any team’s success are sharing a bond and fighting through trials.

That was the case with this team on Friday night when forward Rebecca Candler found the net off of a missed kick by midfielder Abby Smith in overtime.

One of the best things about watching this team play is that you know that it can score — a lot.

The Hoosiers have scored 28 goals out of 255 shot attempts while their opponents have netted 12 goals in 115 shot attempts so far this season. Opponents have 53 shot attempts, while IU has 115.

That should give you an idea exactly how good this team is.

There are some talented teams in the Big Ten conference, but none with the star appeal of the Hoosiers.

This Hoosiers team is a serious contender for a Big Ten championship, maybe even a national championship.

OK, maybe not a national championship this year, but it wouldn’t shock me one bit to see them in the hunt for a title in the future.

It doesn’t matter what your knowledge or experience level is when it comes soccer: you will become a fan of the women’s soccer team after you watch it play.

The Hoosiers are leading the Big Ten conference in shots taken this season, continuously finding ways to win. And usually they win in convincing fashion.

Maybe it’s the amazing soccer players who agreed to play for IU. Players such as senior forward Lisa Nouanesengsy, who’s a beast on the pitch.

With much of the focus on their male counterparts’ national championship run last year, one would think the Hoosiers women’s soccer team would be sidetracked, but no — they’re focused, intense and highly competitive.

The Hoosiers’ next contest will be a 6 p.m. start Saturday as the Iowa Hawkeyes come to Bloomington to take on the Hoosiers at Armstrong Stadium.

This week’s Minority Report prediction: if the Hoosiers keep the tempo up, they’ll walk over the Hawkeyes and win 3-1.

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