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Saturday, April 20
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An ever-changing lineup for IU baseball

Youth, and the decision for junior second baseman Micah Johnson to undergo surgery, has caused IU Coach Tracy Smith to shuffle his lineup. The Hoosiers lead the Big Ten in errors committed with 61.
However, Smith said he played the lineup Saturday that gave his team the best chance to win. There was a small change in the lineup for Sunday’s game, as redshirt freshman Tim O’Conner replaced fellow redshirt freshman Will Nolden at right field.

Projected starting lineup entering the season
Catcher Kyle Schwarber
First baseman Michael Basil
Second baseman Micah Johnson
Shortstop Dustin DeMuth
Third base Sam Travis
Left fielder Chris Sujka
Center fielder Justin Cureton
Right fielder Will Nolden
Designated hitter Trace Knoblauch

Opening Day Starting lineup
Catcher Schwarber
First baseman Knoblauch
Second baseman Basil
Shortstop DeMuth
Third baseman Travis
Left fielder Sujka
Center fielder Cureton
Right fielder Tim O’Conner
DH Johnson

Current starting lineup
Catcher Schwarber
First baseman Travis
Second baseman DeMuth
Shortstop Basil
Third baseman Clark
Left fielder Sujka
Center fielder Cureton
Right fielder Nolden
DH Dillon Dooney

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