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Tuesday, April 23
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Water polo emerges as an intramural


Intramurals are now in the pool.

Beginning Feb. 7, inner tube water polo will become the first aquatic sport offered as an intramural. This is just one of several new additions made by Recreational Sports, which is focused on revamping its intramurals.

“We’re trying to change up stuff in intramurals,” Intramural Sports Graduate Assistant Erin Zukis said. “It’s been very similar in the past for years and years. We think what students want is changing, so we’re trying to give them those changes.”

Inner tube water polo differs slightly from the original version of the sport. Instead of swimming up and down the pool, players will have to wade around while sitting on a large inflated tube, a change Zukis said adds a hint of goofiness to the sport.

“The biggest difference is you don’t tread water,” Zukis said. “You sit like a lazy-river-style in an inner tube and paddle around. You don’t have to know how to swim. We have two lifeguards there for 14 people.”

The unfamiliarity adds to the light-hearted nature that surrounds the new sport. Those who are interested in signing up should leave any temper or a high desire to win in the locker room.

“From what I’ve seen from the varsity water polo and the club, it’s very competitive,” Zukis said. “We’re doing this just for fun. Hop in an inner tube. Come play. Chances are, no one’s ever played this sport, so it’s more of a level playing field than, say, basketball.”

With no end-of-season playoffs, winning takes a back seat. Zukis said enjoying oneself and becoming acquainted with the sport should be the priorities for anyone involved.

“The thing that we’re doing differently with inner tube water polo this semester is you’re getting the four games,” Zukis said. “We’re not having a tournament. Four games — totally just for fun. Come learn the sport.”

Junior Gabrielle Sokol, who has participated in softball and intramural volleyball, is one of many who will be playing inner tube water polo for the first time.

“No one on my team has ever played water polo before, and I’ve certainly never played,” Sokol said. “I just wanted to have fun and try something new.”

Though registration lasts until Feb. 7, seven players are needed to form a team. There are still many openings available on the 24 teams for those interested. Sokol, who has already been trying to recruit people to play, said she would certainly recommend the sport.  

“Definitely, not even a question,” Sokol said. “It’s a new sport. Why not try
it out?”

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