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Thursday, Feb. 22
The Indiana Daily Student

Make memories with your own Bloomington bucket list

Hitchiker's Guide to the IMU

Today, it’s picking up an issue of Orienter, but soon it will be memories of freshman year. And then, the memories of the years that follow. Regardless of where students come from — in-state, out-of-state or international — by the time they leave, Bloomington is a second home. But before leaving there are a few things that are a must-do for any Hoosier.

Go to a basketball game at Assembly Hall

IU fans believe that Hoosier basketball is the best, no matter the team’s record. And as an IU student, it’s an obligatory move to also believe this. So, go to a game and marvel at the power of IU fans in Assembly Hall. Plus, games can include big head posters, entertaining cheers and indoor (yes, indoor) fireworks.

Discover another sport
Speaking of sports, IU has many free sporting events, so go to a baseball game, swim meet or tennis match. Or for athletes (and non-athletes) who aren’t Division I, join a club sport or intramural team. There are various levels, from serious competition to just having fun, along with a slew of sports to try.

See IU’s treasures at the IU Art Museum and Lilly Library
That building with the red circular sculpture and multicolored lights at night is the IU Art Museum. Check it out at night when the lights are beaming into the night sky. Then during the day, go back to see the floors of artwork. Follow that with a short walk toward the IU Auditorium to also see the student work at the School of Fine Arts gallery and the rare books and treasures at the Lilly Library.

Live at the Indiana Memorial Union
Seemingly large and confusing at first, the Indiana Memorial Union can become a second home. Eat lunch at the fancy-looking Tudor Room (with a student discount, of course). Print homework in the computer lab. Sleep between classes in one of the lounges. And best of all, use the union to pull the classic college all-nighter to study or write a paper.

Travel abroad

Although a little counter-intuitive to a bucket list for IU, it’s a great way to not only appreciate what is possible in Bloomington, but also to explore or find a passion as well as bring back a new perspective.

Visit culture centers
There are several culture centers on campus, and they are places to meet and connect with people on campus who share similar traditions and viewpoints. The centers also serve as resources for information about different cultures and a home for various student groups related to the center. Check out these centers to learn about culture from peers and venture outside the classroom.

Look up to someone
With more than 40,000 students plus faculty and staff, finding someone on campus to look up to won’t take long. Maybe it will be a favorite professor or a student leader in one of IU’s 650 clubs and organizations or maybe someone totally different. Regardless, college includes building connections, and finding someone to help through the stress of classes and celebrate the victories is crucial.

Explore Bloomington
As a freshman, it will be really easy to stay on campus where food can be bought with meal points, your friends are down the hall and there is plenty of stuff to do. (See above list). But Bloomington as a town is amazing too. Start the exploration small and venture through the Sample Gates to Kirkwood Avenue, which is technically off-campus, but close. For food, go a block to the north and try an ethnic restaurant on Fourth Street. There’s food from all around the world, and there’s bound to be something delicious. Then move even farther outward, and explore your new home and all it has to offer. It’s only four years, and it will be over before you know it.

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