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Wednesday, Oct. 4
The Indiana Daily Student


No place like B-town

Forget “I love New York” T-shirts and give me one with the words “I love Bloomington.”

From the local food options to strutting to class in crimson and cream sweats, IU students studying abroad cannot wait to return to campus.

Even when studying abroad in a country like Italy where delicious, fresh spaghetti is available in mounds, and perfection is served in a warm ceramic cup in the form of a cappuccino, IU students still long for the gastronomical splendors of good old Bloomington.

The Trojan Horse, Pita Pit, Laughing Planet Cafe, The Village Deli, Bloomington Bagel Company and, of course, Mother Bear’s Pizza, are among the most missed places.

Many students are craving certain items so much they have even thought about their first meals when returning to Bloomington. 

IU junior Amelia Renshaw is planning on sitting down at her favorite restaurant, The Trojan Horse, and ordering a Super G with extra Zaziki sauce and then finishing off her meal with baklava a la mode. And a queso steak burrito with extra guacamole from Qdoba is precisely what junior Coley Knust craves.

While some students have an appetite for the American version of foreign cuisine, senior Celeste Holyoake would be satisfied with a simple caesar salad from Panera Bread. 

Another aspect students miss about campus life is the ability to dress casually for class and not stand out.  

“Italians dress more formally here because their casual is more formal,” Renshaw said.

She did not bring sweat pants to Florence so she would not be tempted to wear them to class.   

Courtney Seger, another IU junior, also said Italians dress better, and she does too in order to blend in.

Despite all the different things Hoosiers miss about home, there are still certain aspects of Italian culture that have won them over.  

Fresh food at the daily markets, authentic Italian food stops near school and new experiences are among the top reasons why students love Italy. But the most popular reason seems to be the art.

History of art and arts administration major Abby Purcell has studied art in textbooks for years. Her favorite part of being in Florence, Italy is having that art available to see almost anytime she wants.

Another aspect students take advantage of while abroad is not having to devote as much time as they usually would to studying.

While most students agree that the majority of their classes do not require as much studying or the material is not as difficult, the prominent reason students do not study as often is to take advantage of the travel opportunities.

“That’s part of the study abroad experience,” Holyoake said. “To travel and see everyday Florence. You need to take advantage of it. I even travel on school days.”

But still, students miss the simple things from Bloomington, like the leaves changing colors and seeing friendly and familiar faces on the way to class.

There truly is no place like home.

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