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Tuesday, Oct. 3
The Indiana Daily Student


Bond takes over IU

Kelsey Ellefson

Camera flashes, expensive appetizers and a well-dressed crowd were all part of the latest IU fashion show, the “I Admire Your Luck” Resort 2008 Fashion Show, directed and produced by James DiMartino, a fifth-year senior at IU. This show is part of a large number of fashion shows that are about to make an appearance on IU’s campus and in the community. As well as being the director of the show, DiMartino was also the mind behind the designs, and he took some time after the show to talk with me.\nDiMartino has always been fascinated by James Bond. Since his father introduced him to James Bond in his early childhood, he has been obsessed with everything Bond stands for. He refers to the James Bond woman as feminine but still able to kick ass. “I watched his movies every night before I went to bed and I still do now,” DiMartino said. “I don’t think I will ever get tired of them.” \n“(The James Bond woman) is very classy, but still has an edge to her,” DiMartino said, referring to the theme of his collection, which featured Bond-inspired fashions. \nAmong my favorite outfits was the cream, polyester sleeveless blouse with a gray wool A-line skirt. I could totally see a fashion editor at Vogue sporting this particular outfit. It was elegant, timeless and very chic, and it definitely was an outfit that kicked ass.\nThe “green table felt and playing cards” corset with a black wool twill skirt was also a winner in my book. The design was innovative and it is obvious DiMartino took some risk with this outfit. However, I think it paid off, as it was something that truly represented the Bond woman, who is definitely bold. The cards sticking out of the top of the corset were fabulous, to say the least, and were an intricate part of the outfit and the collection, I would have to say.\nA recurring trend that I saw in his collection were the skirts. They ranged from metallic skirts, miniskirts, all the way to wool twill skirts. The collection also featured some stunning dresses, the pale, gold silk cowl dress being my favorite. The dress was elegant and was something I could see many women here at IU wearing to their next formal. The cowl added edginess to the otherwise timeless dress. \nThe men’s collection was simple, and if there is one word I would use with the collection, it would be “sellable.” I could definitely see men here at IU wearing many of the pants, vests, shirts and swimsuits featured in the fashion show.\nThe hair and make-up were simple, yet represented the Bond theme perfectly. The men’s hair was slicked back and the women wore natural, flowing hair styles throughout the show; very Bond-esque. The staging was simple, but I think this brought even more attention to the clothing, which I’m sure was his number one priority. \nAll in all, this was a very exciting show to attend. I look forward to more fabulous and exciting designs from James DiMartino in the near future.

Living the dream

James DiMartino has always been interested in fashion and style. Since early childhood, he dreamed of having his own fashion line and came to IU to fulfill his dreams. He knew that a fashion education at a school such as the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City would be beneficial, but he wanted more variety instead of just fashion. IU appealed to him because of its diverse classes, people and activities. Although he started in the costuming department at IU, he soon decided to participate in the Individualized Major Program and major in fashion design. Martino said he thanks his teachers and professors for pushing him in the right direction and giving him advice to succeed in the fashion industry. He also attributed his continuous love for fashion to designer Zang Toi, for whom he interned this past summer. Martino plans to travel to Europe and Asia after graduation and then move to New York City in hopes of finding a job under a design house. He hopes to one day be able to have his own line and showcase among the top designers in the fashion industry. Martino was born in Connecticut, but spent most of his life in Indianapolis before coming to IU.

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