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Tuesday, April 16
The Indiana Daily Student

Quick hits

Local cuts

The Delicious -- "Dearest Duchess" \nHalf spelling bee and half narrative, "Dearest Duchess" features subdued harmonies, a jazzy keyboard break and a loose feel that leaves you wondering whether or not you should dance, nod your head or perform some other spastic motion. Mmm ... Delicious!

Prizzy Prizzy Please -- "Dyno Police"\nIt's a song about dinosaurs ... that are police. Seriously. The opening sounds like a T. rex plodding through a Guitar Center; then the song takes a turn toward being more awesome (or absurd) and features the shrill, almost falsetto, vocals and sax that are staples of Prizzy's work. Thizzy thizzy thanks go out to Prizzy Prizzy Please and their irreverent song styling.

The Alarmists (Calm Down.) -- \n"Hot Noise, Bright Lights"\nThe song begins with the band howling "Alexander Hamilton" before a thick bass line kicks in. The song builds, and then a lone tambourine accompanies the band as they chant before they join in with their instruments and as much fervor as before. The band's unpredictable and sporadic nature is one of its greatest assets and makes for an outstanding live performance.

husband&wife -- "Red Cross Fever" (WIUX exclusive)\nThis solo acoustic performance by Mike Adams of husband&wife was performed live in WIUX's studios and has yet to be featured on any of husband&wife's releases. Adams sounds fragile yet comfortable in this short but emotional track. With any luck we'll hear a version featuring the full band in the near future.

The Giggles -- "In my Head"\nPerhaps one of the more elusive bands in Bloomington at the moment, the Giggles are upbeat and amusing. These fresh-faced lads have a knack for making their shows enjoyable, and this song highlights the band's unique style that they bring to Bloomington's music scene.

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