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Friday, May 24
The Indiana Daily Student

Fred Ex, T.O. and praising the good Lord

Every NFL team has one. The player who runs his mouth more than George Costanza loses his job. He finds it necessary to call out members of the other team or guarantee victory. These players are loud-mouthed, arrogant, brash and cocky end zone dancers who most of the time can't back up their talk with their walk on the playing field. And if they can back up their antics, then by all means they should continue with them.\nBut alas, there is the occasional player who finds himself talking smack in the deep-end when he should be keeping his mouth shut in the kiddie pool. These guys have no right to act in such a manner. Philadelphia Eagles wide receivers Terrell Owens and Freddie Mitchell are a perfect case study for running your mouth do's and don'ts. \nSay what you want about Owens and his flamboyance but I love the guy. When T.O. crosses the pylons, whether it is the sharpie, the pom-poms or the Eagle wing flap, you know you're in for a treat. But there is a reason you see T.O.'s end-zone celebrations so much, because he finds himself there a lot. He scored 14 times in 14 games during the regular season. \nOn the flip side, Mitchell didn't see the end zone until the second to last game of the regular season. In fact, I'd never even heard of Mitchell until the playoffs. The guy isn't even a starter on the Eagles wide receiver core when Owens is healthy. Mitchell scored two touchdowns in the playoffs, and one of them literally fell into his lap. So of course that gives him plenty of room to run his mouth. \nOn ESPN, Mitchell ripped the former players who are the station's NFL analysts. He told them they were too far removed from the game to remember its speed and they should lay off with their comments about the game. \nHe's right; I mean what do Michael Irvin and Steve Young know about football? They've never won multiple Super Bowls or been candidates for the Hall of Fame. \nIn an interview with Dan Patrick before the Super Bowl, Mitchell said he had something coming for Patriots' safety Rodney Harrison. And oh boy was he right! He caught one pass from Donovan McNabb late in the fourth quarter for 11 yards. One catch! Let's celebrate, everybody! \nHarrison went on to one-up the Eagles third string receiver by catching two of his own -- for picks. \nT.O.'s Super Bowl wasn't much better. He only came back from ankle surgery much earlier than anyone expected and posted a remarkable nine-catch 122-yard performance. Nothing to brag about really. If there's anything I'll take away from the Super Bowl, it won't be the Patriots' dynasty, that commercial or Bill Belichick and his pops getting dosed with the Gatorade cooler. It will be Owens telling everyone he would be on the field for Super Bowl XXXIX doing everything he could to bring the title back to Philadelphia and actually following through on it. \nOnce in the media room after the game, Owens spoke his mind to the reporters. \n"Nobody in this room knew I was going to play this game," he said to ESPN. "A lot of people in the world didn't believe I could play. It goes to show you. The power of prayer and the power of faith will take you all the way. Nothing is impossible if you got God on your side."\nPerhaps Mitchell should turn to God as well. Because as the Inspector Gadget to Owens's James Bond, he needs all the help he can get. So Mitchell, keep your comments to yourself. The world is a better place without them.

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