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Wednesday, April 17
The Indiana Daily Student

Typically atypical

This story is about a typical spring break for eight IU should-be seniors. But the story is anything but typical. Somewhere between the drinking, drama and destruction that is the midpoint of a student's spring semester, is something more . . . well, human.\nBehind the late nights and early morning pain killer conventions rests life -- the inevitable metamorphosis that awaits all eight. One year from now, they will be scattered across the country doing something -- the word something was used deliberately. Today, they wonder where and what.\nNo one can explain it to them. No words act as comfort.\nEight seniors drove south for a week, the last time they'll be together without the commitments that await. The worries about those responsibilities were already there.\nYet through the haze of a secluded student on a sensational spring break rose new concerns -- their rest was another's war. Basketball games and Mardi Gras beads and the most soothing soul music couldn't block out images of bombs, defiance and hostility happening half a world away.\nEven in eyesight were powerful protests and patriotic symbols.\nThere was no hiding from the future anymore.\nAnd one couldn't help but wonder, what's next?

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